The UltraMind Solution – Mark Hyman, M.D.


UltraMind Solution

Switching it up a bit – On our way to an optimal lifestyle, what would we do if we didn’t get the proper nutrients we needed to fuel ourselves for the necessities to energize ourselves in an effective manner. For this, we turn to The UltraMind Solution-

1. Say Goodbye to Afternoon Slumps

Simply put, this book taught me about food allergies, something I never even considered. Before this book, I ate without thinking about what I was eating or the effects it was having on my body, let along my energy. Learning the difference between simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates was simply the price of the book alone. Eliminating simple carbs didn’t leave me so drained of energy after eating anymore. I would usually lie around after a mean that contained enriched floured food and just be completely worthless for a good hour or so after.

2. Your Doctor Doesn’t Know What’s Going On

How true this is or not, I’m not a Doctor, but Mark Hyman MD is. Dr Hyman claims most Doctors just aren’t up to date with different ways to prevent some of the leading causes of deficiencies and imbalances that people suffer with. He shows throughout the book how a variety of different supplements can simply help put you back on track, even with the most crippling illnesses such as the common Autism. He goes into explaining how Autism which leads children to have behavioral problems is actually a cause of gastrointestinal dysfunction and immune system abnormalities. For years, the common theme of Autism has been thought of a brain disorder, but Dr Hayman argues with a few changes in diet, we can reduce and eve eliminate Autism altogether.

3. The Four Horsemen – Neurotransmitters

From Dopamine, to Serotonin, GABA and Acetylcholine; each neurotransmitter receptor responsible for communicating throughout our brain and body helping to determine how we feel, learn and remember. Neurotransmitters allow a range of being energized, excited and stimulated, while helping to learn, remember and focus, to relaxed and peaceful state of well being. Learning to balance these, while emphasizing the effects of some, allows you to use your brain and regulates your emotions at your disposal.

I’ve explored with what are referred to as Brain Cognition Enhancements to boost my Acetylcholine levels when devoting to long periods of work and learning. I’ve noticed positive effects with these and little side effects. I’ve noticed enhanced levels of concentration where the time seems to drift; for hours what seemed like 2 minutes turned into a 4 hour gap without looking at the clock.

4. McDonalds Was My Killer

Insulin Resistant! Didn’t know what it was and how it affected me up until 2 years ago. I’m 30 years old, relatively healthy, or at least I thought until I started paying attention to my diet and what I was putting in my body. For years I never paid attention to labels, breads or sugars, let alone the large amounts of Vodka I would consume on the regular. Since the advent of the Agricultural era, food has become easy for us to acquire and allows us to be lazy about not having to “hunt and gather” our food. Our bodies can’t process the contents of what’s contained in majority of our foods.

5. Real, Clean, Organic and Local

It comes down to clean food, free of pesticides and hormones, without having to be shipped across the state. The struggle I deal with is the late night outings when the hunger bug kicks in without anything around but your typical fast-food restaurants; a guarantee for diarrhea when your body simply isn’t use to it anymore.

Nutrition is a process of refining and eliminating the sensitivity to the different foods you have. It’s a long term process of designing and redesigning as we progress throughout our lives.

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