How To Get Rich – Felix Dennis


How To Get Rich

“A committee is a group of the unwilling, chose from the unfit to do the unnecessary” – Felix Dennis

Wanted to change it up a bit and talk about a subject most of us doing the contest is ultimately here for – How to Get Rich By Felix Dennis

Felix wrote an amazing book that I took too much away from. I say that because I felt I should have paid more for the book then what I got it off the used section in Amazon for. I believe it was only 56cents, with shipping, a little over $5 dollars. Let’s look into so key points –

1. The Search

Our search can be found according to Felix by 3 factors which are: Inclination, Aptitude, and Fate. Fate, chance, luck, serendipity, or just plain hard work will lead you to the road of what you desire. Combine the above with sales and marketing and effective management and we’re well onto our millions. Whatever your inclinations, aptitude, abilities or preferences, you must strike when opportunity arises. Dennis gives analogies of being the Predator, getting ready to cease your prey and pounce at the opportunity.

2. Ideas Are Not Original

Having a great idea is simply not enough to make you rich. How ideas our implemented which is vastly more important and what counts in the long run. You can’t patent your idea, but you can patent your execution for implementing an idea.

3. Greatest Capital on Earth

Human capital Dennis goes onto explain is by far the most important element of your environment. Human capital vastly increases your chances of becoming rich, while choosing amongst them is an art form. A little bit of wit, multiplied by an extreme amount of determination, combine that with the right human capital and it’s a recipe for success in any endeavor. Someone with a desire to shine is worth more then a university degree- Felix Dennis

4. Follow the Wealth

Where is the wealth? Dennis advises if you want to be rich, look at what are the prevailing industries where wealth appears to be gravitating. When you find the industry that money seems to be a source of opportunity, focus your efforts there.

He mentions to avoid the trap of going into what you think will make you money if you have no empathy or feeling for what you’re doing. Don’t do anything because you feel you have to, but go for what attracts you and exploits your natural talents.

5. Only a Fool Chases Money

If you chase money desperately in the earnest belief that you can never be happy without it and seriously think that the chase is a meaningful occupation, I doubt very much you will succeed. You have to be fiercely determined, true. But an appreciation of the absurdity of the chase helps enormously – Felix Dennis

This goes back to the whole idea of letting go of the outcome. Simmons talked about this, Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle. Being too focused on the results seems to get you in a reactive state, which clouds your judgment, and doesn’t allow you to think clearly and see the other potential opportunities. one where your not thinking clearly, and more importantly not aware of the other opportunities that could possibly arise that you might not recognize if you keep yourself to closed off and only focusing on that particular outcome. A focused, relaxed, flexible attitude seems to be the common prescription amongst the book out there and common theme that is thought of as a good approach.

Too many great ideas in this book, and we barely scratched the surface. There are probably few books I would recommend highly enough, this would definitely be on the list.

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