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Print Persuasion

I decided to mix it up on one of the few reviews I intended to write for the Ellsberg Challenge. I choose to look further into Eben Pagan as recommended by Ellsberg and listen to one of his more popular audio programs dealing with sales/marketing Print Persuasion.
This audio program introduced me to the idea of copywriting, exactly what it is and how it’s used along with the benefits in the world of advertising. Eben brought a team of effective Copywriters and interviews each one, having them highlight the effective components and recommendations of making your ‘copy’ powerful.

1. Highest ROI in any business

Marketing can bring the highest return on an investment inside a business and is usually thought of as the most important part of any business. Mass marketing, is thought of as the ability to persuade in print and is the highest leverage tool that can be used in the field of marketing.

With all the recent study of marketing/selling I’ve been reading about, originally thinking about producing a product, never considering the importance and value of learning what marketing is, how to do it effectively so the product sells itself with the use of effective marketing.

2. Persuading in Print is the Ultimate Skill

Copy Writing/Marketing/Persuasion is a form Communication, learning to persuade in print is the ultimate business skill. It gets you to think like a customer and approaching the product/service you’re delivering from an angle producing things that would get the prospect to buy.

Being able to see the power in the organization of words in a way that makes an impact on a potential prospect was something I never considered before and brings awareness to my writing, something I never considered before.

3. Trust and Friendship

Business/Friendship model – Most business come off like a big company, devalues the friendship entirely. As a copywriter, you want to inspire trust in your reader as a friend to a friend, individual to an individual, where you communicate authentically where you Relate – Educate -Translate the customer about your product/service. You want the prospect to feel comfortable buying from you.

4. It’s About Them and You Being Clear

Clarity – If you can be clear and help other people become clear, you can do well. “Ask, how can I say what I’m about to say in the clearest, least ambiguous way as possible.” –Eben Pagan

Find the main concerns of your prospects mind and address them. Ask what their biggest frustrations, fears are, what they would gain from listening to you. Helping them to understand what you’re about, what’s in it for THEM, helping them to make the right decision and allowing them to be happy they made the right decision by choosing you is you’re goal when writing copy.

5. It’s time for Action

Persuade to measurable action; if you can’t persuade, there’s no action. This was a common theme throughout the program; the ability to move and motivate. Reading is a passive state; your job is to bring them out of a passive state and into an active state. Leave them in an agitated state where your prospect is inspired to take action.

Your sales letter has to be able to motivate, move and inspire enough to get you prospects to buy and keep them coming back for more. The best marketing is in the design and the strategic planning of the product themselves. It gets your to think like a customer and approaching it from an angle producing things that would get you to want to buy.
Learning to persuade in print is the ultimate business skill. Not management, not technology.

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