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Education of Millionaires

I came across Michael Ellsberg through his first book The Power of Eye Contact. I thought he was a good writer and did well explaining how important the keys concepts of eye contact is. I was on Eben Pagan’s mailing list and found out Ellsberg had another book out. I was skeptical in the beginning off some Amazon reviews and about such the vast change in book topics from the last. After starting to read it, I couldn’t help but wish I didn’t finish it so fast and wouldn’t mind it being a little longer.

With that being said, some of the main key components I got from Education of Millionaires:

1. Learn to Fail or Fail to Learn

Resilience! Really nothing else needs to be said. He’s thoroughly explained the importance of cultivating resilience on your path to becoming an entrepreneur, let alone a aspiring millionaire. Ellsberg mentions how most people featured in the book cultivated a life around resilience. They’ve learned to expect failure in inevitable, but learn to keep pushing regardless of the events and reframe it in a way that serves their best interest.

2. The Art of Giving

Give, give, give! You must be able to genuinely give, a clean, non-neediness, without zero expectations in return. Help people achieve what they need to achieve, support them and pay attention on how you can be of service.
The vibe has to be one of giving, not of taking. – Ellsberg

I unfortunately experienced many times when I had ulterior motives when I gave, in the form of hoping to get back. This created an attachment to outcome. I projected a disgusting, needy vibe of approval and self seeking on something external, outside of my of control.

3. Over Rated and Outdated

For awhile I was regretful about my lack of formal education, instead opting for a 2 year stint at a vocational school, putting me at a slight disadvantage of ever wanting to go back if I decided to get a traditional degree. Contemplating school and after reading Education of millionaires, I realize how outdated University is and how enrolling in school is almost a way of relinquishing control and responsibility for yourself and of your efforts. I think there comes a time when you know what to do, but out of fear we do what’s safe and reasonable instead of taking the action we know what’s required.

4. Branding

Branding is the emotional and mental thoughts and feelings people have when they think about you and your name. Taking responsibility and making the choice of putting effort into representing quality and value and having people associate a positive impression with you name. It’s learning to build your presence and separating yourself from the rest of the pack.

5. Sweat the Small Stuff

Be the “active ingredient” in your own life. Learn to take even the smallest obstacles as a necessary ingredient for greater success. Every menial task, underneath has it’s seeds of greater potential and lays the foundation to be applied to life’s challenges on the way to a prosperous future.

Also, I know a famous new author has recently been know to be self educated. E.L. James has been said to be self educated.

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